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  1. Sharon Reply

    My doctor is recommending laser treatments for LS. Specifically, Mona Lisa. Can anyone tell me if they’ve had this done and if there is success with it?

    1. Staff runels Reply

      Hello Sharon,

      Studies show even uv light can help with lichen. (click)

      Laser (Mona Lisa or FemiLift or one of the others) and Radio-frequency…Termi-va or one of the others. Most of the providers using these energy sources for lichen sclerosus are now combining it with the O-Shot® since the PRP technology used there works very well for many women as a stand alone. We are not sure yet if the energy therapies (laser, ultraviolet, & radiofrequency) improve the results of the O-Shot® procedure–but it makes sense that they would.
      Hope this helps!

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